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ACTOVEGIN® 200 mg/tab, 50 tabs/pack OR Injectables

EUR36 - EUR65
ACTOVEGIN® provides antihypoxic effect, stimulates tissue metabolism and regeneration, and improves trophism. It is used to treat impairments of brain blood circulation, such as syndrome of cerebral insufficiency, ischemic strokes, traumatic brain...

AMINALON® 250 mg/tab, 100 tabs/pack

AMINALON (GABA) has a positive effect on blood circulation and memory as a result of restoring metabolism in the brain and removing the toxic substances. Aminalon is prescribed for patients with disturbances of speech and movement. The drug enables...

DIVAZA® 100 tabs/pack

DIVAZA® - is effective in improving cognitive functions, reducing signs of mental and physical asthenia, increasing activity and motivation, resolving asthenic symptoms of the autonomic nervous system and restoring psychic performance, alleviating...
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