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Arbidol against influenza

ARBIDOL® (Umifenovir) 100-200 mg/cap, 10-20 caps

ARBIDOL® (Umifenovir) is an immunomodulating and antiviral drug that is used to treat and prevent influenza, severe acute respiratory syndromes, respiratory syncytial virus and upper respiratory...

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CEREPRO Choline Alfoscerate

CEREPRO (Choline Alfoscerate) 400 mg/tab, 28 caps/pack

CEREPRO (Choline Alfoscerate) is used for the restoration of brain activity and the treatment of cerebral diseases. The medication brings positive results during the treatment of traumatic brain...

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TADALAFIL (Cialis) 10-60mg/tab, 50 tabs/pack

EUR70 - EUR100
Price quoted is per 50 tablets pack 100% Discrete Shipping (no markings on envelope, no advertising materials, no invoices) Lasts for: up to 36 hours Intake: 30 minutes before sexual...
Meldonium 250 mg

MILDRONATE® (Meldonium) 250-500 mg/cap, 40-60 caps

Sport people are advised to take 500-1000mg, 2 times per day 40-60 minutes before workouts. The duration of the preparatory (load) period is 14-21 days continue taking during competitions...

SEMAX® 1%, 0,1%, 3 ml

EUR15 - EUR75
SEMAX is a nootropic stimulant of the central nervous system. It has a wide range of actions: it boosts neuroplasticity and increases glutamatergic and cholinergic activity thus improving memory,...


PayPal payments are back

PayPal payments are back

Our PayPal platform is back online as of today. Please note that PayPal payments are subject to 20% surcharge and payment is in US dollars only.
Join our Discord group

Join our Discord group

Discord is an alternative to Facebook messenger and the Facebook itself in some ways, where you get more freedom to discuss nootropics, peptides and medical questions without the fear of getting banne …
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New Cerebrolysin packaging

New Cerebrolysin packaging

EVER Neuro Pharma informs it's Russian clients that from November 2020 small changes have been made to the design of Cerebrolysin® cardboard box packaging and the ampoule labels. The new packaging …
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We now ship to Hong Kong

We now ship to Hong Kong

Great news! We now ship to Hong Kong and as usual all packages are trackable by you and we guarantee all our deliveries! Free reship or refund.Usual delivery time to Hong Kong is around 4 weeks but du …
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