AFOBAZOL®, (Afobazole) 60 tabs/pack, 10 mg/tab

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AFOBAZOL (Afobazole) is a selective anxiolytic drug. It provides antianxiety and activating effects and is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder, neurasthenia, adjustment disorder, sleep disturbances, premenstrual syndrome, alcohol withdrawal. Afobazol has no inhibitory effect on the central nervous system and helps to restore the natural mechanism which allows the nervous system to cope with stressful conditions. The drug doesn't provide muscle relaxant effect, drowsiness, negative effects on memory retention and consolidation. Long-term treatment of Afobazol doesn’t produce drug dependence.


  • Combat Stress and Worry-Situations.
  • Eases and Calms Troublesome Thoughts.
  • Eradicate Inability to Relax.
  • Improve Mood and Temper.
  • Normalize Sleep Pattern.
  • Reduce or Erradicate Phobias and Fears.

100% Original from the Russian OJSC OTCPharm.
All packs are air tight sealed and expire up to 09.2022.

Afobazol is 2-mercapto derivative, has anxiolytic and activating action not accompanied by hypo-sedative and muscle relaxant effects. The mechanism of action is poorly defined. The following processes are suggested to be potential mechanisms: GABAergic, NGF and BDNF release promoting, MT1 receptor antagonism, MT3 receptor antagonism, and sigma agonism. Afobazol is used to reduce and eliminate anxiety, intensity, somatic, autonomic, cognitive violations. Afobazol has no side effects due to acting on sigma-receptors, thus activating internal stress defense mechanisms and restoring membrane of the nerve cells.
Further read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afobazole

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One pack contains 60 pills of 10 mg each.
10 mg (1 pill) 3 times a day after meal. The standard course of treatment is 20 days. If necessary, the course of treatment can be prolonged to 40 days. Afobazol is not an "emergency" treatment. You will start to notice effects after 5-7 days of intake. Afobazol does not affect the central nervous system and is car driving safe. Can be consumed with alcohol. Studies have shown that even after 90 days of continuous intake there were no signs of addiction. Do not consume during pregnancy or lactation. Not for under 18s.

The MHRA and FDA has not evaluated or endorsed this product. Please consult your physician prior to using this or any other nutritional supplements or medications.

Store in dry place at room temperature. Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight.

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Reviews (3)

nicholas evans 13th Nov 2018


Great medication for anxiety just takes everything down a few notches. My arms become relaxed and I definitely have a clearer mind on it. No sedation which is a bonus. Great company as well. Haven’t had any issues with any of my orders. Delivery is fast.

KK 26th Feb 2018

Fast-acting non-sedating anxiolytic

I am a senior neuroscientist with a background in pharmacology so before taking Afobazol I made sure to research its mechanisms of action and efficacy/safety through clinical literature and anecdotal evidence from previous users. I also speak Russian so my research also covered literature from manufacturers, Russian clinical studies and user experience. In terms of neuropharmacology, Afobazole is a unique anxiolytic: rather than activating the CNS-depressing, sedative and muscle relaxing GABA receptors it targets melatonin and sigma receptors to activate anti-stress responses in neural cells. This way, rather than being inhibited, brain cells are protected from stress and restored to normal activity levels. The neuroprotective and neurotrophic effects of Afobazole are also currently of interest in Alzheimer's research (which I specialise in) and studies are currently carried out to determine its potential as a treatment in dementia. As an Afobazole user of two weeks, I am pleasantly surprised by the efficacy and virtually non-existent side-effect profile. I felt the compound work 30 min after taking the first 10mg dose (I take 3x10mg daily), whereby it stopped the constant vicious circle of intrusive negative and catastrophic thoughts, reducing the anxiety too. After a couple of days, any minor headaches and sensations of 'being on something' were gone. I am still able to get anxious, experience some low mood and negative thoughts but my reaction to these has reduced by about 70%. My sleep has improved after two weeks and there is no sedation or lower energy in the day. The one thing this product can't reproduce is a beta-blocker effect, so if I experience anxiety that causes increased heart rate and chest tightness - that has to be tackled by breathing exercises, CBT or other medication. The effect on mood is harder to pin-point as any anti-depressant action of Afobazole (reported MAO-A inhibition) would take a few weeks to stabilise. On the whole, I would say the mood has improved. Very recommended as emergency use or for people with more severe/chronic anxiety as a course of treatment.

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