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Trekrezan tablets

TREKREZAN 200 mg/tab, 10 tab/pack

TREKREZAN - is a immunomodulatory drug with pronounced adaptogenic properties. The drug stimulates the production of alpha and gamma interferons, which helps to increase and correct the immune status of the body due to the activation of cellular and...
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Unithiol, DMPS, Dimercaprol

UNITHIOL (DMPS, Dimercaprol) 50 mg (5 ml), 10 ampoules

UNITHIOL (DMPS, Dimercaprol) - has been used in the management of acute and chronic poisoning with a number of different metals and metalloids, and is particularly useful for arsenic, bismuth and mercury. Unithiol can be given parenterally or orally...
ZOREX Unithiol

ZOREX® (Unithiol) 2 caps/pack

ZOREX (Calcium Pantothenate & Dimercaprol, Unithiol) provides detoxification (including metabolism of ethanol, heavy metals and their compounds and arsenical compounds) action. Clinical studies have shown that the active ingredients Dimercaprol...