CYTOFLAVIN® (Citoflavin) 50 tabs/pack

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CYTOFLAVIN (Citoflavin) is a metabolic substance with anti-oxidative activity. It positively impacts the processes of energy production within cells, reduces production of free radicals and restores activity of anti-oxidative protection enzymes. Cytoflavin stimulates metabolic processes in the central neural system and activates cerebral blood circulation.


  • Cure the Consequences of Cerebral Infarction.
  • Treat Atherosclerosis (also known as arteriosclerotic vascular disease or ASVD).
  • Treat Encephalopathy.
  • Erradicate Neurasthenia (nervous exhaustion, debility and nervous weekeness).

100% Original from the Russian JSC Science Technology Pharmaceutical Company POLYSAN.
All packs are air tight sealed and expire up to 04.2022.

Pharmacological effects are due to complex effects included in the preparation of Cytoflavin components. Its active substance is succinic acid which stimulates aerobic glycolysis and ATP synthesis in cells. Succinic acid improves tissue respiration due to the activation of electron transport in mitochondria. All the components of Cytoflavin positively impact the neurological status: reduce the severity of asthenic, cephalgic, vestibulocerebellar and cochleovestibular syndrome. It also reduces the level of anxiety and depression. Cytoflavin improves cognitive and amnestic functions and the improves the "feel good" factor.

Cytoflavin comes in coated tablets. 50 pills per pack.
2 pills 2 times a day at intervals of 8-10 hours between doses. Pills should be taken with some water at least 30 minutes before a meal, without chewing.
It is recommended to take the pills: one in the morning and and one at lunch time.
The duration of treatment is 25 days. Appointment of a repeated course possible at intervals of not less than 1 month.

The MHRA and FDA has not evaluated or endorsed this product. Please consult your physician prior to using this or any other nutritional supplements or medications.

Store in dry place at room temperature. Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 20 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep locked and away from children.

Ask us any questions about Cytoflavin.


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binkopinko 15th Feb 2017

It's the real deal and I had no trouble with the purchase.

It's the real deal and I had no trouble with the purchase. I'm only a third of the way through the course of treatment, so can't assess result for my particular issue.

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