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CYTOFLAVIN® (Citoflavin) 50 tabs/pack or Injectables 10 ml

$21 - $22
CYTOFLAVIN (Citoflavin) is a metabolic substance with anti-oxidative activity. It positively impacts the processes of energy production within cells, reduces production of free radicals and restores activity of anti-oxidative protection enzymes...

DIVAZA® 100 tabs/pack

DIVAZA® - is effective in improving cognitive functions, reducing signs of mental and physical asthenia, increasing activity and motivation, resolving asthenic symptoms of the autonomic nervous system and restoring psychic performance, alleviating...
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MELATONIN 3 mg/tab, 20-60 tabs/pack

$11 - $20
MELATONIN - is a synthetic pineal hormone that is used to control the sleep cycle. The main substance is hormone Melatonin that is produced naturally by the brain when it’s dark. The scheme of action is connected with light around the person. The...