SYSTANE® ULTRA and ULTRA PLUS Eye Drops, 3-10 ml/vial

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SYSTANE® ULTRA and ULTRA PLUS are eye drops which will take care of your eyes when you experience dryness and discomfort. It helps to cope with issues such as tiredness, eyes redness and burning sensation that arises when the person’s eyes are dry. The drops can serve as a good moisturizer that addresses many other issues as well such as blurred vision for instance.


  • Delivers immediate eye comfort.
  • Provides durable hydration.
  • Relieves irritated eyes.
  • Provides protection the ocular surface.
  • Removes blurred vision.

100% original from American Alcon. Expiry date up to 09.2022.

Systane Ultra and Ultra Plus work effectively to remove the symptoms that arise in a patient due to the environmental conditions and hectic lifestyle. Dry eyes can be caused by excessive computer screens exposure, excessive heating and air conditioning. The product acts as an eye lubricant that should provide sufficient moisture for the eye for its protection. Systane Ultra creates the film on the surface of the eye that protects the eye from infection, injury and removes unpleasant sensations caused by the condition: burning, itching eyes and feel that something remains in the eye and needs to be removed from it.

Systane Ultra ingredients:
polyethylene glycol 0.4%, propylene glycol 0.3%, hydroxypropyl guar 0.16% -0.19%, boric acid 0.7%, potassium chloride 0.12%, sodium chloride 0.1%, sorbitol 1.4%, 2-amino-2-methylpropanol 0.57%, POLYQUAD ® (polydronium chloride) 0.001%,
hydrochloric acid and / or sodium hydroxide (to adjust the pH), purified water (up to 100% volume).

Systane Ultra Plus ingredients:
Sodium hyaluronate 0.15%, polyethylene glycol 400 0.4%, propylene glycol 0.3%, hydroxypropyl guar 0.175%, sorbitol 1.4%, aminomethylpropanol 0.27%, boric acid 0.18%, sodium borate 0.262%, disodium EDTA 0.025%, sodium citrate 0.6%, potassium chloride 0.12%, sodium chloride 0.07% and preservative POLYQUAD® (polydronium chloride) 0.001%, hydrochloric acid and / or sodium hydroxide (to adjust the pH) purified water.

Gently shake the vial before use. Eye drops can be applied as needed throughout the day to moisturize and increase eye comfort. Place 1-2 drops in each eye and blink

Store in dry place at 2-30 degrees Celcius. Keep tightly closed. Keep it away from heat and moisture. Keep locked and away from children. Use within 6 months after opening the vial.

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