Russian pharmaceutical market 2020

A few words about the current picture of the Russian pharmaceutical market: the structure of the drug segment by price category has changed in favor of expensive drugs as compared to January last year. Both the share of the segment “above 500 rubles” and the weighted average cost (relative to the same period last year) increased.

The volume of the Russian dietary supplement market in value terms in January 2020 decreased by 6.3% compared to December 2019, the weighted average price of a dietary supplement package in January 2020 compared to December 2019 increased by 2.3% and amounted to 225.2 rubles.

Considering the absolute indicators, one can note an increase in sales in rubles for both Russian and imported drugs: + 9.4% and + 8.7%, respectively (data as of January 2020).

The rating of companies by value of sales in March 2020 was topped by Bayer, second place goes to Novartis, third place to OTCPharm. Top-3 drug brands by the value of pharmacy sales in Russia in March 2020 consisted of such drugs as Miramistin (1.1%), Arbidol (1.0%); in third place Ingavirin (0.9%).

The increase in the commercial drug market in the first quarter of 2020 relative to the first three months of 2019 in ruble terms was 25.3%. The total capacity amounted to 319.9 billion rubles.

In total, over 3 months, the consumption of medicines through pharmacies reached 1.5 billion packages, which is 13.2% more than in the same period in 2019.

At the end of March, the maximum share (17.4%) in the value of the commercial drug market still belongs to the “Alimentary tract and metabolism” drugs group. Compared to February, there is a decrease in the weight of this group in the total market volume by 0.9%, despite the increase in sales by 19.8%. The leaders of group were Linex biotic (share in the group 2.7% in rubles), Heptral hepaprotector (2.3%) and Essentiale (2.2%).

Immunostimulants Broncho-Munal (+ 233.8%), Grippferon (+ 212.1%) and Ingaron (+163.6%) played the main role in the growth in sales of anticancer drugs and immunomodulators. The largest increase in sales was observed for the antiviral drugs Arbidol (+ 389.5%), Tamiflu (+ 278.4%) and Amixin (+ 242.0%).

In the group of hormonal drugs for systemic use (excluding sex hormones), sales of the thyroid drug L-Thyroxin (+ 127.9%), as well as glucocorticosteroids Metypred (+ 124.8%) and Diprospan (+112, 0%).

All major changes in the market have occurred due to the spread of coronavirus infection. Many enterprises have converted their lines for the production of antiseptic and disinfectants, protective equipment, and also began to actively produce drugs recommended as therapy for COVID-2019. The government temporarily suspended restrictions on the trade of medical masks and introduced a single supplier of masks represented by Roskhimzashchita corporation. The lifting of restrictions also applies to respirators, gauze, gloves and medical protection kits. The Ministry of Health recommended to suspend routine vaccination of the adult population, to vaccinate children depending on the epidemiological situation in the region.