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RUPharma is a one-stop online store for world's best nootropics and health supplements from Russia and Europe. Commonly called ‘Smart Drugs’, which millions of people buy online to increase creativity, workplace performance, and mental stamina.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are pharmaceutical drugs which improve memory, motivation, and overall cognitive function. However, in the United States and Europe, nootropic drugs are often expensive and limited in choice.

At RUPharma, we stock pharmacy grade and licensed nootropics which contain high quality ingredients produced under good manufacturing practice (GMP). We also stock a small selection of generic drugs, which makes it possible for example to buy Modafinil online in the form of Modvigil for less and with quick and guaranteed delivery.

Smart Drug & Modafinil Uses

Cognitive enhancing drugs are commonplace in Silicon Valley. As reported by the Washington Post, programmers at major tech firms regularly buy Modafinil online to boost productivity. Other popular nootopics in the big tech industry include Noopept and Piracetam, which is available at RUPharma under the Russian brand-name Nootropil®.

What are the Best Nootropics for Studying?

Modafinil (Modvigil) and Piracetam (Nootropil) are widely considered to be the best cognitive enhancers for studying and anxiety relief. Russia developed Piracetam for use in the Russian Space program, and both nootropics are used worldwide without evidence of adverse side-effects.

Are Nootropics Safe?

Cognitive enhancing nootropics must, by medical definition, have few side effects and be extremely low in toxicity. RUPharma, therefore, only stock nootropic brands distributed by top Russian pharmaceutical companies with accredited manufacturing processes.

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