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CORTEXIN® 5-10 mg (3-5 ml)/vial, 10 vials

EUR30 - EUR45
CORTEXIN® is a peptide and vitamin complex for improving brain energy metabolism. Cortexin provides nootropic, neuroprotective, antioxidative and tissue-specific action. It improves cerebral functions, learning abilities and memory, alertness and...


EUR27 - EUR39
CLEARANCE OF GENERIC PHENYLPIRACETAMNow that pharmaceutical Phenylpiracetam is back under the brand Nanotropil Novo (previously known as Phenotropil) we are having a clearance sale for the generic version, which is still excellent and we have had nothing...

MEMANTINE (Namenda) 10 mg/tab, 30-90 tabs

MEMANTINE CANON (Memantin, Axura, Ebixa, Namenda) is an NMDA receptor antagonist that is used to treat Alzheimer's disease from moderately severe to severe symptoms. It works by protecting NMDA receptors from the chemicals in the brain that may cause the...