SERMION (Nicergoline) 10-30 mg/tab, 30-50 tab/pack

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SERMION (Nicergoline) is used for the treatment of cognitive and affective disorders. It is also applied for the treatment of older patients who suffer from behavioral disorders. The goal of the drug is to reduce vascular resistance in the brain for better arterial blood flow in the brain. Sermion is used for the treatment of such diseases as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, vascular migraines, arterial blockages in the limbs and others. The drug is applied for decades in more than 50 countries of the world. Usually, the preparation is applied for patients diagnosed with cerebral infarction, Alzheimers disease and vascular dementia. Sometimes the medicine is used as a nootropic improving the cognitive performance of the person. The patient has enhanced attention, concentration and better reaction as a result of this therapy. Sermion contributes to better use of glucose and oxygen by the brain.


  • Improves arterial blood flow in the brain.
  • Promotes cerebral metabolic activity.
  • Improves cognitive performance.

100% original from American or Italian Pfizer. Expiry date up to 02.2026.

The effect is achieved thanks to inhibition of the postsynaptic alpha(1)-adrenoceptors on vascular smooth muscle. Preventing the vasoconstrictor to produce the effect of circulating as well as epinephrine and norepinephrine), bringing to peripheral vasodilation. The mechanism of the drug’s work is to increase vascular circulation in the brain, thus improving the transmission of nerve signals across the nerve fibers. At this, acetylcholine is represented as a neural transmitter.

In accordance with studies, nicergoline, which is the main component, is able to increase nerve growth in the brain of elderly people.

Sermion comes in the form of capsules. 10-30 mg per tablet, 30-50 tablets per pack.
Active ingredient: Nicergoline 10-30 mg.

Sermion should be taken 3 times a day with equal intervals between doses for a long period of time. It is recommended to take the preparation between meals for better adoption. For better effect, parenteral route administration is taken first with the subsequent transition to oral administration, which is a way of maintenance therapy.

Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 30 degrees Celsius. Keep away from children.

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