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Nootropics Book by Kovalev G.V.

Get one of two of these rare Nootropics books published back in the USSR times, the very start of the Russian nootropics use.We are not selling these books, you can only get them for free when you...

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TADALAFIL (Cialis) 10-60mg/tab, 50 tabs/pack

EUR70 - EUR100
Price quoted is per 50 tablets pack 100% Discrete Shipping (no markings on envelope, no advertising materials, no invoices) Lasts for: up to 36 hours Intake: 30 minutes before sexual...

SEMAX® 1%, 0,1%, 3 ml

EUR17 - EUR81
SEMAX is a nootropic stimulant of the central nervous system. It has a wide range of actions: it boosts neuroplasticity and increases glutamatergic and cholinergic activity thus improving memory,...

CEREBROLYSIN® 2-20 ml/amp, 5-10 amps

EUR40 - EUR81
NEW 2021 PACKAGING DESIGN CEREBROLYSIN® is a neuropeptide and hydrolysate of a porcine brain tissue developed in 1949 and first approved for medical use in 1954. Cerebrolysin in modern days is...

ARBIDOL® (Umifenovir) 100-200 mg/cap, 10-20 caps

EUR21 - EUR22
10% OFF ARBIDOL UNTIL 30.09.2021. BULK PRICING AND BITCOIN DISCOUNTS CAN BE COMBINED. BEST PRICE ONLINE. ARBIDOL® (Umifenovir) is an immunomodulating and antiviral drug that is used to treat and...