VALIDOL® (Validolum) 100 mg/tab, 20 tabs

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VALIDOL (Validolum, Valofin, Menthoval, Menthyl isovalerate) is an anxiolytic and produces a sedative effect as well as a moderate reflex and vascular dilative action. Validole is prescribed for treating anxiety disorders. An alcohol solution of Validole is prescribed to relieve itchy skin.


  • Neurological Movement Disorder's (Neurocirculatory Dystonia).
  • Ischemia of the Heart Muscle (Angina Pectoris).
  • Mental Disorders Involving Distress (Neuroses).
  • Unmanageable Emotional Excesses (Hysteria).
  • Panic Attacks and Anxiety.
  • Heartache.
  • Nausea and Motion Sickness.

100% Original from the Belarussian UP MINSKINTERCAPS.
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The active ingredients of Validol are Menthol Racemic and Menthyl Isovalerate. It has a sedative effect and vascular dilative action is caused by stimulation of sensory nerve receptors of the oral mucosa followed by the release of endorphins. Validole also stimulates the release of enkephalines, some peptides, kinines and histamine which take an active part in regulating vascular permeability and pain sense modality. The drug relives pain without treating myocardial ischemia. The sublingual intake allows the effect to kick in after just 5 minutes and 70% of Validol is released in 3 minutes.
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Validol comes in sublingual capsules.
One pack contains 20 capsules of 100 mg each.
Dose for pediatric patients:
6-12 years old: 1 capsule 2-3 times a day. The period of therapy is 3-5 days until the symptoms subside.
12 years and over, adults: 2 capsules 2-3 times a day during 3-5 days until the symptoms subside.

The MHRA and FDA has not evaluated or endorsed this product. Please consult your physician prior to using this or any other nutritional supplements or medications.

Store in dry place at room temperature. Should be stored in temperatures between 15-25 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep locked and away from children.

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Reviews (3)

Diana Smith 15th Aug 2021


This is a very mild calming agent. Will work at times but if you have intense anxiety it won’t do much.

Vesta 9th Dec 2020

Very mild, but useful

This is a very mild but helpful little anxiolytic to have in one's medicine cabinet and/or purse (like the elegant lady in that one TV commercial for it, I carry some with me everywhere I go). Whether barely-above-placebo or not, and regardless of the true mechanism of action, it definitely works to calm me down from transitory general anxiety and discomfort that in another time (or culture/language) would've been called "hysteria". Its vaodilatory properties are useful as well, and have helped me with vasoconstriction in my extermities in a pinch when I took too much of my prescribed amphetamines and didn't have access to any other vasodilators. Personally, I adore the taste--it's almost worth it just for that alone--and the way it stimulates cold-sensitive receptors in the oral mucosa is useful for sensory grounding, of the sort practiced in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), for example. It's very short-acting--acts to bring one out of agitated ruminations just enough to consider one's next steps, but doesn't sedate one really or act as a sedative beyond that--and I would certainly recommend it to other people who, like myself, suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder and thus experience many such little micro-episodes of visceral distress and agitation throughout the day. It's certainly a preferable, more pleasant and convenient alternative both to the maladaptive coping mechanisms many of us resort to in such instances as well as many of the healthy sensory grounding techniques we're taught (personally, I'd rather take a Validol or two than hold an ice cube in my hand or immerse my face in cold water). Main drawback I've discovered--and it's a big one, unfortunately--is that, at least if the liquid is swallowed after the capsule dissolves under the tongue, it seems to interfere with the absorption of subsequent medications taken orally, so if you're on a lot of meds that's a major downside and it has to be timed carefully. Perhaps (since the main MoA is the activation of cold receptors in the oral cavity when taken sublingually anyway) this can be circumvented by spitting out the liquid/saliva after the capsule (or lozenge) has completely dissolved and been allowed to soak into the tissues of the mouth, but that feels counterintuitive and like a waste somehow. Oh well. It's cheap enough, pleasant enough to use and seems to work well enough that I always have some on hand regardless.

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