Sample Stresam (Etifoxine) 50 mg/cap, 10 caps/blister

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This is a sample pack for Stresam.

STRESAM (Etifoxine, Etafenoxine, Strezam) - is an anxiolytic. A benzoxazine derivative has an anxiolytic activity and has a mild sedative effect. It selectively impacts chloride channels of supramolecular GABA-benzodiazepine receptor complex. Stresam does not cause addiction and does not have withdrawal effects.


  • Cure Fears and Anxiety.
  • Reduce Inner Tension.
  • Eradicate Mood Disorders (associated with somatic diseases).
  • Treat Irritability.

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Reviews (2)

DB 23rd Dec 2023

Stresam Review

Another amazing product that works better than described. A compound that I believe should receive more attention and research.

Vesta 9th Dec 2020

Stellar anxiolytic, but pricey (and potentially hazardous for some)

Tried a sample of this recently and I can say it works wonderfully. Claims of equivalent efficacy to lorazepam with fewer side effects might engender skepticism, but from my experience it truly is equally effective as an anxiolytic at the right doses. The clear-headed calmness it brings on feels very similar to (but perhaps slightly subtler than) taking a moderate dose of micronized progesterone on a full stomach for maximized absorption--which makes sense, given its purported mechanism of action of increasing levels of endogenous neurosteroids including allopregnanolone. A much healthier alternative to benzodiazepines and other conventional GABAergics for moderate everyday anxieties, and much "cleaner"-feeling and/or more directly effective than pretty much any/everything else "non-abusable" taken for anxiolytic purposes. That it can supposedly potentiate typical GABAergics (I haven't yet tried this, myself) is a great bonus. This med is a rare gem in that it isn't a "drug of abuse" but it actually works very well, along the lines of those that are--it delivers, consistently--without dreadful side effects (usually, especially when it comes to anxiolytics, if something is completely legal and licit and works this well for its therapeutic purpose, the side effects are icky and typically not worth it--there's no free lunch, after all). The one main downside to this drug is the price. It isn't available as a generic anywhere I've found, and brand-name Stresam is rather expensive considering that effective doses (IME) are from 2-4 50 mg capsules to start with. It's a shame it isn't cheaper, because this might deter those (like myself) with severe anxiety problems who are inclined to use much harsher/unhealthier, dependence-producing, and less sustainable GABAgenic options--the people who need it most. It can be found slightly more cheaply elsewhere (though I can't vouch for the quality/authenticity nor reliability of shipping and customer service, as I can for RUPharma here), but personally, I just wish this was in more widespread use worldwide so that generics would be available. If it were more affordable I'd take it a lot more often. Seems to work just fine in combination with stimulants such as armodafinil and amphetamines, and helps ameliorate the anxiogenic side effects of such medications. Another thing just to keep in mind is that there is a risk of acute and potentially fatal liver failure in a very small proportion of people who take etifoxine (just how substantial this risk is is controversial--there are studies downplaying it and studies warning that it's significant enough to be of serious concern). From what I've read in passing this has to do with genetic predisposition to such risks with TSPO ligands/agonists, so perhaps that can be tested for and perhaps those without such genetic factors need not be concerned. This bears more research and likely isn't cause for major alarm for most, but it's important to be aware of.

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