Top 10 most popular Nootropics in Russia

I thought this topic would be interesting to many, as some very popular nootropics (Phenibut, Phenylpiracetam) were initially developed in Russia (former Soviet Union).

No. Brand INN Volume, mln of units
Share, units
1 Glycin Glycine 35.72 45.10%
2 Vinpocetine Vinpocetine 7.52 9.50%
3 Phenibut Aminophenylbutyric acid 6.76 8.54%
4 Piracetam Piracetam
5 Picamilon Nicotinoyl-GABA 4.28 5.40%
6 Cerepro Choline alphoscerate 2.20 2.78%
7 Ginkoum Ginko bilboa leaf extract 2.03 2.57%
8 Cortexin Polypeptides of the cattle cerebral cortex 1.59 2.01%
9 Tanakan Ginko bilboa leaf extract 1.52 1.92%
10 Ceraxon Citicoline 1.34 1.69%
Total 68.90 87.00%

Based on available data from the AlphaRM analytical agency, here is a list of Top10 most popular nootropics in Russia. It focuses on quantitative indicators i.e. units (packs) sold regardless of the pack size or the necessary course duration. The analysis shows that the rating largely depends on the pricing of a particular nootropic as well as its general safety of use.

  • The largest share belongs to Glycine. It is a nootropic which improves metabolic function in the brain. Due to its safety and relatively low price, it's one of the most popular and commonly sold nootropic supplements in the territories and countries of the former Soviet Union. Its unit share in the segment was 45.1%.
  • Second place (9.5% share) belongs to vinpocetine. It is a component of Vinpotropile, a combination drug (vinpocetine & piracetam) which is widely used in Russia. Vinpocetine is a cerebral vasodilator. Thus its main pharmacological effect is the improvement of cerebral blood flow, and the primary clinical use is the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders such as strokes and atherosclerosis.
  • Third place was taken by Phenibut with a share of 8.5%. Aminophenylbutyric acid, which is an active ingredient of Phenibut, normalizes metabolic processes in the nerve cells of the brain, has nootropic activity and tranquilizing effect.
  • Forth goes Piracetam with a share of 7.5%. In Russia, there are lots of piracetam-based pills produced under different brand names. There are different modes of administration including pills and injections. It is also used in hospitals. The most popular brand of Piracetam is Nootropil, an original Belgian drug that was the ancestor of nootropics. Another popular product of this category is Vinpotropile.
  • Picamilon or Nicotinoyl-GABA ranks 5th in the rating. This compound is based on a synthetic combination of GABA and niacin, with the former being responsible for reducing neuronal excitability and the latter acting as a strong vasodilator. Its effects are similar to those of Phenibut as both drugs reduce anxiety and improve mood. However, unlike Phenibut, Picamilon is said to have a much stronger impact on the energy metabolism in the brain because it stimulates consumption of oxygen and glucose by the neuronal tissue.
  • Choline alphoscerate (Cerepro) was the 6th in the rating, although the compound was taken out of production in 2020. Its analogue is Cereton which is used for the treatment of Alzheimer's and other degenerative conditions as well as strokes.
  • Ginkgo biloba extracts were also listed TOP-10 in the rating, taking the 7th and the 9th places respectively. Ginkgo biloba is considered one of the most science-backed organic nootropics for improving memory which explains its popularity among nootropic enthusiasts.
  • Cortexin from Geropharm which is a popular analogue of Cerebrolysin ranked the 9th with 2.01% unit share. It is a complex containing low molecular weight polypeptide fractions. This drug has a nootropic, neuroprotective, antioxidant and tissue-specific effect. In comparison to Cerebrolysin Cortexin has a significantly larger amount of peptide fractions and fewer amino acids. Besides due to its high safety profile Cortexin is suitable for all ages and is often prescribed for children at low doses (5mg).
  • The last goes Ceraxon from Ferrer International (share in the group is 1.69%). The active ingredient of Ceraxon is citicoline, which is effective in the treatment of sensitive and motor neurological disorders of degenerative and vascular etiology.

In my opinion, it might be interesting to compare the list of noots that are popular in Russia with that in other countries. So if you have any thoughts on the subject please feel free to share.

Article courtesy of Reddit user vtduke0071.