Postal service updates due to Russia-Ukraine conflict

27th of June 2022 Postal service status:

We are against the war in Ukraine and Russian invasion! We are for peace and our hearts and hopes are with the Ukrainian people and for this nightmare to end soon!

We are constantly monitoring the global shipping situation and will be adjusting our shipping routes as necessary to continue the service as smooth as possible. Our Delivery Guarantee applies to all our orders unless specifically stated in the product descripton (only around 10 products). We thank you for your support and patience!

  • FROM RUSSIA: We are shipping as usual from Russia to EU, UK, USA and Canada only. Packages are being delivered fine. Expected delivery time: EU/UK - 3-4 weeks. USA/Canada - 4 weeks. Shipping from Russia to Australia and Poland is not available at the moment. We can however, ship from Singapore to Australia these products.
  • FROM KAZAKHSTAN/UZBEKISTAN: Our shipping hubs are up and running from these 2 countries. Prices will remain the same as shipping from Russia.
  • FROM USA: We have a small range of products for shipping within the United States by domestic USPS mail, please go to Delivery takes on average 5-7 days.
  • FROM SINGAPORE: We have a wide range of products for shipping from Singapore, please see Ships from Singapore product section. Delivery to the US, Canada, Australia and UK takes on average 2-3 weeks.
  • FROM EUROPEAN UNION: Please visit for shipping within EU from Netherlands, Germany and France.

For any questions please contact us or join our Telegram group for latest news and fast customer support.