The original Phenotropil by Valenta Pharm will be back in Summer 2022

Valenta Pharm is preparing to resume production of Phenotropil®, a nootropic drug that was produced from 2004 up until 2017. The production of the legendary “medicine for the mind” will be carried out at the research and production facilities owned by the company in the city of Schelkovo, Moscow Region. The drug is planned to be on sale at pharmacies in summer 2022.

Valenta Pharm, which is the holder of the registration certificate for this nootropic, secured the rights to the Phenotropil® trademark in October 2021 and got the opportunity to return the legendary product to the market under its original name.

Phenotropil® is a unique nootropic with a long history. The phenylpiracetam molecule was developed for Soviet cosmonauts in 1983 at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The nootropic helped to cope with prolonged stress and fatigue while working in space. Soviet scientists managed to create an effective and safe drug that not only had a beneficial effect on the cognitive activity of people in orbit, but also increased their efficiency. After the successful use of the drug in extreme conditions of high space flight loads, the specialists decided to introduce the drug into clinical practice for a wide range of patients.

Sergei Ryazansky, pilot-cosmonaut of the Russian Federation: “We, cosmonauts, strive to get sick less and try to maintain our well-being in excellent condition every day. Exercise, good sleep and good nutrition are the foundations on which our health is built. Therefore, I am glad that the legendary drug, which was in the cosmonauts' first aid kit, is returning to the market and becoming available to all those who need it.”

The stresses of the modern world, high workloads, psycho-emotional tension have made the drug very popular among a huge number of people - students, white-collar workers, elderly people who have had a stroke, patients with various cognitive and astheno-neurotic disorders. High safety and efficiency, convenient mode of application made Phenotropil® the leader in its group of medicines.

Phenotropil® belongs to the group of nootropic drugs. The complex mechanism of action of the drug is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of cognitive and astheno-neurotic disorders, it also affects the cause of their occurrence.