Noopept Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Noopept if I have meteoropathy?
You can use Noopept to improve your memory, to decrease anxiety, to recover sleep and to increase body resistance to external factors. This may lead to reduced meteoropathy and better tolerability of meteorological changes.

Does long-term use of Noopept build up a tolerance?
Several studies reported that Noopept does not induce drug dependence (i.e., you can't get over it) and withdrawal syndrome (i.e., you can withdraw it at any time).

Can I use Noopept after combined stroke or epileptic episodes?
Noopept is indicated to treat vascular cerebral insufficiency (including one in stroke patients). There are no reported data on harmful impact of Noopept on epilepsy. Moreover, clinical experience demonstrates good tolerability and specific efficiency of the product in these patients.

Can it be used during pregnancy or lactation?
According to studies, Noopept has no teratogenic, mutagenic and immunotoxic properties. However, it was not tested in pregnant or lactating women. So, the product is not indicated to these patients.

Can I use Noopept to improve educability in children?
Noopept is registered to be used by persons above 18 years old. Considering low toxicity, we are going to conduct several studies intended for Noopept registration for pediatric use.

What is Noopept neuroprotective action like?
Neuroprotective (protective) action of Noopept involves increased resistance of cerebral tissue to a damage (e.g., injury, hypoxia, electroconvulsive/toxic exposure etc.) and decreased damage of cerebral neurons.

Can I use Noopept if I have vegetative-vascular dystonia?
Noopept has a vegetative recovery action, as well as reduces headache, orthostatic disorders and tachycardia. It can be used to manage impaired memory in patients with vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Can I co-use Noopept with alcoholic drinks (if necessary)?
Alcohol intake does not influence on Noopept metabolism and effects. Along with this, neuroprotective properties of the product increase resistance of cerebral tissue to a toxic damage (including alcohol intake).

How often Noopept protracted treatment can be repeated?
Duration of Noopept use depends on nature of the disease. Typical course should be 1.5-3 months. Then, it can be repeated in a month.

What cognitive functions are affected by Noopept?
Noopept improves several cognitive functions such as memory, speech, gnosis (perception and information processing) and praxis (use of motor skills).

Can Noopept induce headache?
A vegetative recovery action of Noopept reduces headache caused by vegetative dysfunction.

Can Noopept increase blood pressure?
Noopept can increase blood pressure in patients with hypertension (mainly, III degree) and those who practice inadequate use of hypotensive drugs.

Chemical name of the active ingredient includes glycine. How is Noopept different from glycine? What makes the former better?
Noopept is a peptide consisting of amino acids. Together with glycine, the product includes proline (i.e., amino acid). In a human body they form cycloprolylglycine (i.e., a compound with an evident impact on memory). Also, as compared with glycine, Noopept is an oral product with vegetative recovery action that reduces headache, orthostatic disorders and tachycardia. In turn, glycine is not absorbed due to intestinal digestion.

Can Noopept be used in combination with other psychotropic drugs?
Since the product does not have a drug interaction, it is compatible with other centrally-acting drugs.