How to get Modafinil in the UK by J.R.

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Hey mate, trying to get Modafinil in the UK can be bloody pain in the arse can't it?

Just kidding, I'm an American and won't be trying to emulate your parlance anymore, but I do live in Europe so I understand the frustration of dealing with layers of persnickety rules, regulations and VAT taxes.

The good news is that Modafinil is worth it. As challenging and expensive as it maybe to get your hands on Modafinil, if it's conducive to your neurobiology it really yields a return on investment.

A friend of mine who is a pretty successful business owner told me that he makes at least an extra six figures a year because of his Eugeroics habit.

It is the smart drug that the godfather of Biohacking, Dave Asprey used while he was simultaneously getting his degree at Warton and becoming a millionaire working in a tech start up.

The last paragraph contained an if and it's an important if; Modafinil does not work for everyone. I would say, based upon my informal research talking to hundred of Biohackers and reading thousands of anecdotes and reports from smart drug users online, that Modafinil disappoints about half the people that try it, but for the other half it really makes a difference and enables many to really kick-ass and run the world - quiet literally, President Obama and Hillary Clinton both used it. They certainly aren't my favorite politicians, but it says a lot that this is the smart drug that could be found in the inner sanctums of political power.

I can't guarantee that it's going to work for you, but considering the upside it's well worth trying if you can afford it.

If you're a Brit with a keen sense of philosophically robust freedom, you perhaps have a bit of healthy paranoia about going to a general practitioner or local pharmacy for drugs. It seems to me that the UK is transforming inevitably into a totalitarian "healthcare" state, call me a conspiracy theorist but in a country where the government tries to monitor your every word and deed and with CCTV cameras and draconian digital cyber snooping I would not want myself red flagged as a user of high end, performance enhancing drugs.

At some inevitable point in the future the future insurance companies, hospital and the NHS will want to quantify risk by profiling you based upon your genes and the wealth of information in the data footprint you've made online.

If you have too many red flags in your profile, you may have your insurance rates raised, need to pay a higher price or be sent to the back of the line for healthcare that you crucially need.

We're in similar straits on the other side of the pond, which is why I buy Modafinil anonymously using cryptocurrency and have it delivered to an address unassociated with my name.

Perhaps you totally disagree with my politics and perhaps I'm more paranoid of big brother than I need to be, but isn't it nice to know that if you want to, you can get this powerful cognitive enhancer without anyone knowing?

By my estimation, is one of the best sources of Modafinil if you as an English consumer value anonymity, quality and reliability.

Making Your Selection

WAKLERT® (aka Nuvigil, Armodafinil)

ARTVIGIL® (Armodafinil)

MODALERT® (aka Modafinil, Provigil)

MODVIGIL® (aka Modafinil)

If you're brand new to Modafinil you maybe confused by all the different names and designations, I'll try to simplify that for you... There's three specific drugs that fall into the broader category of Eurogics

  • Adrafinil
  • Modafinil
  • Armodrafinil

The first one Adrafinil I do NOT recommend. It does not work very good, I would barely call it a smart drug and it causes liver damage in the long term. For all the negatives of Adrafinil I'm amazed at how many smart drug users I come across that say they ordered and used it; the only reason why that I can think of is that it's quiet cheap. So you get what you are paying for.

Modafinil is the most popular and probably the one you should use. It has an R-Isomer and an S-Isomer. The standard Modafinil dosage is 200 milligrams, although some people find that overstimulating. If you're particularly sensitive to stimulants cut the capsule in half.

Armodafinil just contains the R-Isomer, some argue that it's the better smart drug because

  • It's more potent
  • The effect is longer lasting
  • It's dosage is actually lower - 150 milligrams vs 200 milligrams

If you can afford it I'd encourage you to try both, some people find Armodrafinil to be a major improvement but some people like my brother find it overstimulating.

Duration of Effect

Perhaps the most significant factor in deciding between the two is how long the effect lasts. The official purpose of Modafinil is NOT as a smart drug it's as a wakefulness agent for Narcoleptics, so it will likely prevent sleep for up to 20 hours while it's in your system. Armodrafinil has an even longer half life of effect.

Your millage will vary though, but in general you want to do these drugs very early in the morning of a very long day and plan to practice some good sleep hacks...

Otherwise your sleep quality may really crater or you may end up spending just hours in bed tossing and turning.


Modafinil differs from a lot of Nootropics in that it ultimately comes from just a few sources. It's different from say the Racetams which are produced in hundreds of different labs around the world or Nutricuiticals which are grown on organic farms or picked from nature. With many hundred of sources of these Nootropics as you can imagine there is a really spectrum of quality and you should really demand a COA verifying >97% purity otherwise you don't really know what you're getting. With Modafinil, in contrast, the quality depends upon the brand.

There's two corporations that produce branded pharmaceutical grade Modafinil.

Sun Pharmaceutical

HAB Pharmaceuticals

This where the Modafinil comes from that is used by the French air force, F-117 pilots and US military snipers.


It's a bit more expensive than using Racetams, Adaptogens or nutricuitical, a pill of Modafinil comes to about £2 and that will be, for most, a daily dose, if you really need to have a kickass day. With a few exceptions when it comes to Biohacking and smart drugs, again, you get what you pay for.


I've personally done Modafinil over a hundred times now and I can NOT for the life of me tell an experiential difference between MODALERT and MODVIGIL but there is a notable difference between these and the Armodrafinil brands ARTVIGIL and WAKLERT. Armodrafinil is more intense, you'll be more myopically focused on whatever is in front of you.

The body sensations are about the same with both Modafinil and Armodafinil, they are subtle, it doesn't really make you feel like dancing to techno or dead lifting weights, you'll be perfectly content to sit in front of a computer for 9 hours and working on a complicated problem although you may notice you're getting sweaty, even if you're not doing something that's actually physically excruciating.

Lifehacker Usage Ideas

Some very successful and happy people use Modafinil like 5 days a week but they are in the minority of Lifehacker users of the drug, which is otherwise healthy people who are using it as a performance enhancer instead of people trying to treat their narcolepsy. I recommend using it just a few times a week, definitely not more than three, this is because it has a significant tolerance curve.

The first time you do Modafinil you'll likely think, hell yeah, I'm never going off this stuff! But if you do it on consecutive days or more than just a few times a week you'll quickly run into diminishing returns and the stuff is kind of expensive so you really want to get the optimum bang for your buck (or pound) from it.

Travel days

Days spent on planes, trains and buses for me are always a weird combination of boredom and anxiety. Probably like yourself I bring a book and couple of good podcasts to listen to but at the same time I try to remain vigilant of the environment around me. Over 5 years of being traveler, I've experienced enough mishaps and disasters to know that vigilance matters, even when you're bored to hell and tried from being cooped up, sitting on train for 9 hours. Modafinil keeps me sharp on long travel days.

Anti-social development days

Modafinil, for me at least, is really not a social smart drug, it's puts me in this really myopic problem solving mode where I really could care less being social or doing anything fun. Usually Tuesdays are my day that I focus on boring, complicated web development or technical projects. I rarely have dinner with friends, dates or social plans with friends on Tuesday evenings. So, I'll do some Modafinil or maybe some other biohacks and just have a long, focused day of getting stuff done.

The day after

I'm a guy with a sometimes quiet raucous social life. Probably a couple of times a month after a really fun night, I will have to go all day on just an hour or two of sleep. These days I'll wash down a Modafinil with a tall coffee and while it doesn't totally atone for my after dark sins the night previous it transforms what would be a minimally productive day into a pretty normal one.

Shipping to the UK

  • RUPharma as a 100% success rate shipping to the UK
  • They do ship to the UK with an inconspicuous package without any markings
  • Modafinil packages are shipped out of a warehouse in European Union
  • It takes 2-3 days to ship to the UK
  • There's a flat shipping rate of 15 EUR for the UK
  • They do provide a shipping tracking number, which provides nice peace of mind. Get updates by email and sms on the whereabouts of your package.


  • You can get a 10% discount for using Bitcoin.
  • There's no surcharge if you want to pay using a bank wire transfer with GBP or EUR.

Guaranteed delivery

  • 100% refund or reship if the package is lost in transit
  • No refund if you provided an incorrect postal address or did not pick up your package on time from the post office.

Complimentary Nootropics

Because of Modafinil's tolerance I'll suggest that you cycle usage of Modafinil with other Nootropics, notably:

Racetams - These are a category of cognitive enhancers that are very safe and work consistently to improve your long term memory, which Modafinil does not. They use totally different mechanisms of action so they won't exhaust the same receptor sites that Modafinil utilizes.

Adaptogens - While it's certainly better than Adrafinil there issome debate as to whether Modafinil itself may causes liver damage. Exotic Nootropic molecules that don't appear in nature are likely a challenge for your liver and kidneys to process, which is why I highly recommend that Biohackers supplement Adaptogenic herbs that repair and maintain these crucial organs. nootropics tree

RUPharma's VIP Program

RUPharma appreciates customer loyalty and will reward

Oder(s) placed worth 500 EUR or more.

With a discount and access to exclusive products; I'd love to tell you what the exclusive productsare but it's a secret.

Because has the indicators of credibility that I look for and I've spent some time now researching their products and getting familiar with them. I'll do a free 25 minute biohacking consultation with anyone that purchases 200 Euros or more worth of their products. Details of the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.