Heads up on the current logistics

1. Deliveries of private packages are not affected by the current Ukraine-Russia conflict. Current Kazakhstan/Russian Post delivery times are:

USA - 2-3 weeks
EU - 2-3 weeks
UAE and Asia - 2 weeks

2. There is no postal service from KZ/RU to Australia and Poland. To Australia we can ship from the US and Singapore at our partner store NootropicsBase.com

3. Singapore (SG) and Dubai (DXB). Shipping from Singapore and Dubai is working better than ever, check our Ships from Singapore / Dubai product category. Delivery within 2-3 weeks.

4. United States (US). The US shipping hub carries the most popular products, some of which sell out within days. Check out NootropicsBase.com. Delivery on average within 5-7 days by USPS domestic mail or by express service from Dubai if coming from overseas.

5. European Union (EU). The EU-only shipping hub - EuropeChemist.com is operating with a limited product range. Due to logistics difficulties we are unable to replenish stocks in a timely manner.

Our Telegram community is growing steadily. Support is now available via 4 channels: contact form, live chat, Facebook and our Telegram channel.

With all the best wishes to our members! May peace come to the world!