Heads up on the current logistics

1. Deliveries of private packages are not affected by the current Ukraine-Russia conflict. Current Kazakhstan/Russian Post delivery times are:

USA - 3-4 weeks
EU - 3-4 weeks
Asia - 2-3 weeks

2. There is no postal service from KZ/RU to Australia and Poland. To Australia we can ship a small product range from Singapore and Dubai. See point 3 below.

3. Singapore (SG) and Dubai (DXB). Shipping from Singapore and Dubai is working better than ever, check our Ships from Singapore / Dubai product category. Deliveries are done within 2-3 weeks.

4. United States (US). The US shipping hub carries the most popular products, some of which sell out within days. Check out NootropicsBase.com. Delivery on average within 5-7 days by USPS domestic mail or by express service from Dubai if coming from overseas.

5. European Union (EU). The EU-only shipping hub - EuropeChemist.com is operating with a limited product range. Due to logistics difficulties we are unable to replenish stocks in a timely manner.

Our Telegram community is growing steadily. Support is now available via 4 channels: contact form, live chat, Facebook and our Telegram channel.

With all the best wishes to our members! May peace come to the world!