Cerebrolysin Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cerebrolysin® be considered as evidence-based medicine?

Research evidence is one of the key elements of evidence-based clinical decision making, a process, which also takes into account the clinical state and circumstances of the patient and the patient’s preferences. Research evidence on the efficacy and safety of Cerebrolysin ® has been established on the basis of randomized controlled double-blind trials (RCTs) and is supported by systematic reviews and meta-analyses, representing the highest quality levels of evidence.

Can Cerebrolysin® be administered with other medications at the same time?

Yes, several studies have been performed testing Cerebrolysin ® in combination with various standard therapies like tPA or donepezil. Most stroke patients who receive other medication during the acute or sub-acute phase after stroke also receive medications like statins, aspirin, NOACs, etc. No incompabilities have been reported. 

What are the most frequently reported side effects of Cerebrolysin®?

Generally, the side effects of Cerebrolysin ® are rare and of mild intensity. The most frequently reported adverse reactions with Cerebrolysin® are dizziness, headache, sweating, and nausea. 

Does Cerebrolysin® support recovery when administered in the sub-acute phase after stroke?

Yes, Cerebrolysin ® stimulates natural recovery processes after stroke. These processes are most prominent during first 3 months post-stroke. Therefore, Cerebrolysin ® can be given within this broad treatment window. Both the research and clinical data for Cerebrolysin® indicate that the best treatment effects are seen when Cerebrolysin® is administered as soon as it is possible after stroke and continued during the natural recovery phase. 

Is Cerebrolysin® used in depression?

Cerebrolysin ® is not approved for the treatment of depression. However, possible additive effects have been observed when used in combination with anti-depressants or MAO inhibitors. 

Is it possible to produce generics of Cerebrolysin®?

No, it is impossible to copy biological products 100%. If a biological product is very similar in composition it is called biosimilar product. Biosimilar products have a separate registration process and every new product has to confirm efficacy with own studies.

Where can I buy Cerebrolysin®?

You can buy Cerebrolysin® from the following stores:
RUPharma.com - ships from Kazakhstan/Russia worldwide
NootropicsBase.com - ships domestically within USA
EuropeChemist.com - ships within EU