Bromantane is now on sale at our store

We are happy to announce that a generic version of Ladasten - Bromantane is now available to buy from our store. The original Russian Ladasten was taken off manufacturing back in 2018 and up to now there is no news on when it will be back if at all.

The generic Bromantane is sold in 5 or 10 grams powder of higher than 98% purity.

Bromantane is an excellent product to increase your energy levels and stamina and reduce fatigue. As The Independent news papert midly put it:

"Bromantan, which combines the properties of steroid, stimulant and masking agent - effectively the Grand Slam in doping terms - was developed by the Russian national institutes for pharmacology, and has allegedly been used by the Russian army and by cosmonauts. It is also serving as "rocket fuel" for Russian and east European competitors at the Games." Source: