​Age Does Not Matter: How to Build a Successful Professional Life

Nowadays ageism or so-called age discrimination is a common phenomenon for candidates for good position. Some job seekers complain about job rejections caused by their age rather than absence of any skills.

To make good money, a candidate of pre-retirement or retirement age should have at least the same skills beginning from technical competence and ending with enthusiasm as younger competitors do.

This begs the question how to stay sharp-witted and concentrated enough to compete with young people? Although weakening cognitive functions (i.e., memory and attention) are normal age-associated features, the process can be delayed.

But how can you do it? Train your brain! Keep learning something new (e.g., foreign language) because this is an excellent mental gymnastics. Keep a diary to improve your memory. Healthy diet and normal sleep are also favorable factors.

To prevent brain cognitive disorders, you can use performance-enhancing drugs (e.g., Noopept) occasionally. The product developed by Russian scientists is an advanced neuropeptide nootropic with proven efficiency and safety.

Cerebral information processing is divided into several steps such as initial processing, consolidation (i.e., short-term memory conversion to long-term one) and extraction. Modern new-generation medications influence on all these phases and enable faster and better brain performance. Moreover, Noopept has mild anxiolytic and stimulating effects to relieve headache. These neuropeptides normalize sleep which is a well-known source of vivacity.

As for non-drug stimulation of brain activity, various intellectual games (e.g., chess) are good for mental gymnastics. The pursuit will provide not only strategical thinking but better mood.

Objectively speaking, age discrimination of job seekers can harm a company itself, and potential legal claims are not really the point. Even though age qualification is necessary for professions with required physical strength and endurance (e.g., a rescuer, firefighter, loader etc.), speciality experience and a candidate's potential are of greater importance in intellectual and art professions. In particular, an employer should become certain that you will be unequivocally useful for business in spite of age-related stereotypes prevailing in our country.

Since experienced professionals are always on-fire, open-minded companies avoiding bias and age qualification stand to gain, as a result, inversely to age-oriented employers. As compared with young people, elder job seekers often have some advantages (e.g., several graduate degrees, decades of experience, responsibility, leadership skills etc.). The main thing is to keep yourself fit!