ROKONA (Fluvoxamine) 100 mg/tab, 30 tab/pack

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ROKONA (Fluvoxamine) is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRIs) commonly indicated for the management of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and other mental-health conditions. Owing to potential anti-inflammatory effects observed in initial experimental non-clinical studies. Fluvoxamine works by helping to restore the balance of a certain natural substance (serotonin) in the brain.

  • Treat obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  • Decreases persistent/unwanted thoughts (obsessions).
  • Reduce urges to perform repeated tasks (compulsions such as hand-washing, counting, checking) that interfere with daily living.

100% original from the Russian Rapharma. Expiry date up to 11.2026.

Fluvoxamine is an antidepressant which functions pharmacologically as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Though it is in the same class as other SSRI drugs, it is most often used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. Fluvoxamine has been in use in clinical practice since 1983 and has a clinical trial database comprised of approximately 35,000 patients. It was launched in the US in December 1994 and in Japan in June 1999. As of the end of 1995, more than 10 million patients worldwide have been treated with fluvoxamine.

Fluvoxamine tablets should be taken orally without chewing, with water. The tablet can be divided into two equal parts.
Active ingredients: fluvoxamine maleate (in terms of anhydrous substance) - 100 mg per tablet.
Excipients: mannitol, corn starch, pregelatinized starch, sodium stearyl fumarate, colloidal silicon dioxide.
Shell composition: hypromellose, titanium dioxide, macrogol (polyethylene glycol 6000), talc.

The recommended starting dose for adults is 50 mg or 100 mg (once, in the evening). After 3-4 weeks from the start of therapy, the dose should be reviewed and adjusted, in accordance with the clinical experience of using the drug. It is recommended to gradually increase the dose to the effective level.
The effective daily dose, usually 100 mg, is selected individually depending on the patient's response to treatment. The daily dose can be as high as 300 mg. Daily doses over 150 mg are recommended to be divided into 2 or 3 doses. The selection of the minimum effective maintenance dose should be carried out with caution on an individual basis.
According to the official WHO guidelines, antidepressant treatment should be continued for at least 6 months of remission after a depressive episode. To prevent relapse of depression, it is recommended to take 100 mg of the drug once a day, every day.

It is recommended to store the medicine in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.

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