FLUOXETINE® (Prozac, Sarafem, Adofen), 20 mg/cap, 20 caps/pack

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Fluoxetine (aka Prozac, Sarafem, Adofen), 20 mg/cap, 20 caps/pack.

Much cheaper than in US where the average price is $485 per 30 caps of 20mg. Fluoxetine is heavily subsidised in Russia.

Buy now while it's available at this price.


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peter zivcak 4th Dec 2022


Good quality for good price+fast delivery.I can just recommend.Thank you very much.

Jehuda Ewert 27th Mar 2022

SSRI post stroke treatment

a stroke results in a leason in your brain, a part dies.To protect the rest of the brain from dead tissue and necrose your body bundles the 'white matter' to a glia-scar, dense enough to built a barrier between the dead and alive tissue.Smaller molecules can however fall into that wholle of yours, like neurotransmitter, often serotonin.Normally you brainwaves are electricity that is only slowed to avoid chaos in synapses, that spil out a neurotransmitter from the end of one nerv cell arm (Axon) into the receiver-arms of another cell (dentrites).To be in balance everything your body produces, it also resorbs in balance.THat you survived the stroke wasn't planned in, and besides resorbtion, additional serotonin is leaking through your hole.Now one signal at the end of an Axon has not enough serotonin to incite the next and you can't think.THt's where SSRI's come in, to create balance if there isn't, in post stroke due to endogen(your hardware) and exogen(your life sucks) problems and hopefully later only endogen you're brain is in imbalance.As we've seen, one rule for all centrally used leads to healthcare service simply ignoring problems they haven't thought of.In France the simplyfied thought of one month has for weeks results al prescriptions being for 28 days a month.Leaving you 29 days short.Contrary to exogen treatment, where the drug shoud enable the patient to work on his problems in life and to see how much progress really is done (and avoid an imbalance by overdosing your serotonin) a 'pause' is regulary done.In Endogen problems, you can be assured that you brain with a whole doesn't regenerate you tissue, the problem is permanent.In that case an imbalance of serotonin overdose is not possible.Normally those patients in France do during that 29 day kill themselves, or buy in RUpharma the pills of the days, that civil servants forgot exist.So I use the Prozac/Fluoxetine additional to the medication I'm alllowed to buy, in order to have a medical responsible treatment (patient takes the right pills without skipping, takes one right medication instead of 10 others with side effects that together simulate the treatment (main effect these medication is 'colateral', due to academic incest - only teach those who don't ask questions- the qualification of those teaching in the university is people that don't think to much and students, that they feel still admired by - see my channel Human Lives Matter!).So I take e.g. in my dossage here and there one pill from RUpharma, so that in the whole I have the correct dossage, and can compare directly the quality comparing days with fluoxetine of different origines.For years.I mentioned he side effect of 29 years not realized existing by frernch bureaucrathy and what happens.Apprently didn't to me thanks to RUpharma.

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