Heads up on the current logistics, products and future developements

Hey fellow members! It has not been an easy month in terms of logistics and stock for some products. We could be heading for a potential supply shock by this winter. Read below where we are now and where we are headed in the near future.


1. European, US and Australian airspace has been closed off to Russian airplanes since March. What is happening now is that Russian Post ships the mail to neighbor countries such as Poland and Lithuania by trucks and rail, from where the parcels are airlifted to their destination countries or taken by trucks if it's within the EU. As for express services such as DHL/UPS/FedEx they have all temporarily stopped operations in Russia. Current Russian Post delivery times are:

USA - 4-5 weeks
EU - 3-4 weeks
Asia - 4-5 weeks 

2. Since last week Russian Post has hiked all international shipment prices by 50-100%. For this reason we will be raising our shipping prices based on destination country by 30-50% from 1st of May. From time to time we will continue to run free shipping special offers when you place an order over certain amount.

3. Destination country limitations as of 28.04.2022 and this list will most likely grow in 2022. Russian Post has stopped all shipments to Australia, Poland and Denmark. We now ship to Australia and Poland via a UK reship service, therefore such packages will have this route RU > UK > AU (2-3 month delivery time) and RU > UK > PL (1.5 month delivery time). Shipping to Denmark is done via EuropeChemist.com (our EU sister website).

4. Singapore (SG). Shipping from Singapore is working better than ever, check our Ships from Singapore product category. Deliveries are done within 2-3 weeks.

5. United States (US). The US shipping hub carries the most popular products, some of which sell out within days. Check out our Ships within US product category. Delivery on average within 7 days by USPS domestic mail or by FedEx express service if coming from overseas.

6. European Union (EU). The EU-only shipping hub - EuropeChemist.com is operating with a limited product range. Due to logistics difficulties we are unable to replenish stocks in a timely manner.

7. Kazakhstan (KZ). The customs of Kazakhstan has been randomly stopping packages for spot checks bound for EU, US and Asia. In 50% of cases inspected packages were sent back to sender. Product range at KZ pharmacies and suppliers is limited and we must ship those “not available products” from Russia to KZ.

8. Uzbekistan (UZ). This is probably the best shipping option at the moment. Checks are only carried out at Post Office level and packages are exported fine. Product range is more or less the same as in Kazakhstan but supplier prices are 20-30% higher than in Russia.

9. Kirgiziya (KG). We are in the process of several test shipments to the EU and the US. Will keep you posted.

10. Our forecast is that delivery times and limitations will not improve in 2022. There is also the risk of total closure of Russian export shipments including private packages, in which case we will be completely reliant on Uzbekistan and Kirgiziya (at least they have Cerebrolysin and Piracetam to start with).


1. The good news! Our most popular products such as Cerebrolysin, Semax and Noopept are being supplied without any hitches. Russia has significantly improved customs clearance procedures and reduced clearance times for all medical products. Prices have also remained stable but suppliers have warned that increases will happen in the near future.

2. The not so good news! Some products which are critical such as antibiotics, hormonal treatment and pain relief have had supply disruptions.

3. The bad news! Disruptions in supply chains, sanctions and future COVID restrictions will affect supply of all products including medicals, which in turn will lead to inflation.

4. Our recommendation is to stock up now with products that you will need for the next 12-18 months. You will not want to be stuck in a low supply - high demand situation for your essential medicals.


1. We are constantly searching for new partners in the US and the EU. If you would like to become a reshipper and earn 10% comission on sales then get in touch with us. Right now we urgently require reshippers of Cerebrolysin in the US.

2. We will soon launch a new store which will have over 3500 products at affordable prices ( watch this space!), payment will be available only via cryptocurrencies. If you are unfamiliar with crypto then start learning the basics now, this is the future.

3. Our Reddit and Telegram community is growing steadily. Support is now available via 4 channels: contact form, live chat, Facebook and our Telegram channel.

With all the best wishes to our members! May peace come to the world!