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CEREPRO Choline Alfoscerate

CEREPRO (Choline Alfoscerate) 400 mg/tab, 28 caps/pack

CEREPRO (Choline Alfoscerate) is used for the restoration of brain activity and the treatment of cerebral diseases. The medication brings positive results during the treatment of traumatic brain injury and cerebrovascular disease. It can be helpful...

PHENAZEPAM® (Fenazepam) 1 mg/tab, 50 tabs OR Injectable 1 ml

EUR25 - EUR33
ONLY 1 MG VERSION AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT! THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT SHIP TO UNITED KINGDOM AND AUSTRALIA! PHENAZEPAM® (Fenazepam, Elzepam, Phenzitat, Phenorelaxan) is an anxiolytic drug (tranquilizer) that belongs to the group of the benzodiazepines...