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Genferon spray

GENFERON® (Interferon alfa-2b + Benzocaine + Taurine) spray or suppositories

EUR17 - EUR37
GENFERON® - is a combined drug the composition of which includes recombinant human interferon alpha-2b, benzocaine and taurine. Genferon is used as a part of complex therapy for infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract in...
Grippferon Interferons

GRIPPFERON® (Interferon alfa-2b) Nasal Drops, Spray and Ointment

EUR9 - EUR10
GRIPPFERON® (Interferon alfa-2b) is an antiviral drug that features antiviral activities by means of activating the immune system in the body. The preparation acts to make all antiviral mechanisms in the patient’s body unite against the virus...
Imunofan spray

IMUNOFAN intranasal spray, injectables or suppositories

EUR20 - EUR40
IMUNOFAN - has an immunoregulatory, detoxifying, hepatoprotective effect and causes inactivation of free radical and peroxide compounds. The pharmacological effect is based on the achievement of three main effects: correction of the immune system,...
Ingaron Interferon Gamma

INGARON® (Interferon Gamma) 1-500000 IU/vial, 1-5 vials/pack

EUR13 - EUR100
INGARON® (Interferon Gamma) is a recombinant human interferon gamma, lyophilisate for intranasal and subcutaneous solution. The intranasal solution (nasal drops) blocks the attachment and invasion of the virus to respiratory mucosa cells improving...

POLYOXIDONIUM® 12 mg/tab, 10 tabs OR 5 inject vials

EUR30 - EUR37
POLYOXIDONIUM® (Polyoxidonyi) is an immunomodulator, detoxifier and antioxidant. It increases body's resistance to bacterial, virus and fungi infections. Polyoxidonium works by increasing the ability of lymphocytes to eradicate pathogenic...
Trekrezan tablets

TREKREZAN 200 mg/tab, 10 tab/pack

TREKREZAN - is a immunomodulatory drug with pronounced adaptogenic properties. The drug stimulates the production of alpha and gamma interferons, which helps to increase and correct the immune status of the body due to the activation of cellular and...
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